DerpFest FAQ's

we tried to answer most of your queries here


1) Why derpfest 10(Q) includes gapps by default?
A) Because of the lack of official OpenGapps package for Android 10(Q) and to prevent complaints from people breaking their boot by flashing several versions of gapps that are available out in the community, we find it is a much more needed necessity to include gapps.

2) Will there be a non gapps version?
A) Yes, (Depends upon the device maintainer) if he want he can either choose to ship both gapps and gapps-less versions. The non-gapps version zips will be named as VANILLA while the gapps version zips will be named as usual (with no additional tag).

3) Is it possible to switch between gapps & non gapps versions?
A) It is possible. But we would never suggest to do it unless you know how to deal with the issues you might face


4) How can I remove gapps from my build?
A) First of all, this is not intended to be used by the end users, this is meant for developers or contributors only. To remove gapps from building run this code before starting to build it

export DERP_BUILD_ZIP_TYPE=VANILLA && rm -rf vendor/gapps

5) How can I apply for official maintainership for my device?
A) Contact us on our Telegram group. Our team will verify your device tree and other stuff and then, if they decide to, they will add you (no MTK chip based devices are eligible for maintainership)

6) Where I can find XDA Template for the DerpFest Rom I made?
A) Get it Here from Github and a live preview of how it looks is here
Note:Do not modify content other then the one which is required & give proper credits to everyone who deserves