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Monthly Changelogs

Date :- 14th July 2020
[*]Merged July security patch (r40)
[*]Reworked expanded volume dialog (fixes many bugs with it)
[*]Lowered fullscreen gesture trigger area
[*]Fixed fullscreen pill showing on landscape for some back heights
[*]Fixed a FC for new FOD implementation (irrelevant for this device)
[*]Fixed screen stabilization QS tile
[*]Added StatusBar notification counters
[*]Added USB tethering QS tile
[*]Added log QS tile
[*]Added EvolveSans & Linotte system fonts
[*]Added MatLog QS tile
[*]Added Bootlegger's AOSP screen recorder (& improved UI)
[*]Removed Omni & OOS Screen recorders
[*]Removed internal recording restrictions for 3rd party apps
[*]Removed useless / non working system fonts
[*]Updated GApps
[*]Randomize DerpQuest summary with funny strings
[*]Reworked blink flashlight on call, again.
[*]Fixed reboot for APEX update
[*]Added derp blue theme
[*]Added FOD extensions support (irrelevent for this device)
[*]Added arrow keys on navbar while typing
[*]Added StatusBar VoWiFi icon (& a switch)
[*]Update & Apply custom carrier label position correctly
[*]Fixed inactive WiFi icon in some icon packs
[*]Fixed the double navbar switch issues (for hw buttons devices)
[*]Minor fix for the new OpenDelta UI
[*]Disable "R style" notification headers by default
[*]Wake on charge regardless of AoD settings
[*]Updates to translations
[*]Fix freeform window moving/resizing doesn't work
[*]Reworked DerpQuest
[*]Some more minor derps/bugs fixes